Unibet's Top Three Movie-Themed Slots

The evolution of video slots over the past few years has caused an explosion in the number of movie-themed titles on the market. Thanks to an ever-improving capacity for embedding video clips, sounds and iconic images, modern slots on platforms such as Unibet Casino are now just as engaging as the films they are based on.

Indeed, these exciting games are now some of the most popular in the online gaming world and in the following article we've outlined three of the best titles currently on offer inside Unibet Casino:

The Dark Knight Rises:

It's one of the biggest movie franchises in the world and thanks to some slick engineering and generous jackpots, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is also a major slots success. Taking inspiration and styling from the popular Hollywood film, this progressive jackpot machine is one of Unibet's best games and regularly boasts jackpots in excess of £1 million.

Thanks to a licensing deal with the film's producers, The Dark Knight Rises features 10 clips from the film as well as a 3D fight between Batman and Bane. Beyond this, you can wager between one and five coins per spin across five reels. In total, this gives you up to 243 ways to win anything from 25 coins to 7,500 and beyond.

Probably the most impressive feature of this game is its Wild options. From Wild Blasts (the player chooses a high symbol to become a wild), to Heat Seeking Wilds (wilds can be split to create six-of-a-kind payouts) and Super Stacked Wilds (enhanced Wilds which span multiple reels at once), this game certainly beats its rivals when it comes to offering more Wild ways to win.


If you've ever wanted to take charge of an Alien spaceship and steer it towards infinite riches then Aliens is for you. Hosted by Unibet Casino and filled with iconic imagery and sounds from the popular sci-fi movie, this video slot allows you to risk anything from £0.15 per spin to £150.

Offering a progressive multiplier system, as well as a jackpot worth up to 570,000 coins, this five-reel offering from NetEnt is currently one of the hottest games on the market. Indeed, one of its standout features is the betting bar.

Moving away from the traditional style, the look of this part of the game is not only extremely engaging but ties in effortlessly with the slot's theme. Indeed, if there's a movie-themed slot on the market that's more in-tune with its cinematic cousin then we're yet to hear about it.

Iron Man 2:

It's one of the largest grossing Marvel films of all-time and now you can take control of the metal-loving superhero. Based on Tony Stark's ironclad alter ego, the Iron Man 2 video slot is every bit as bold and edgy as its namesake.

Designed by Playtech and featuring an elaborate opening sequence containing exclusive scenes from the Hollywood movie, this title has 50 win lines spread across five reels. With each spin you'll have a myriad of ways to win, but one of the most lucrative features of this game is the increasing multiplier. Giving players the ability to take a bonus and multiply it many times, this feature has been combined with wild sticky symbol which means it's even easier to earn free spins.

On top of a player's increased ability to earn free spins, this slot machine is also visually attractive. Some impressive styling based around Iron Man 2's mechanistic hero, the game is a pleasure to play regardless of the stakes you're playing for.

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