21 Movie Story about MIT

The 21 movie refers to so-called Vegas movies. It is closely connected with Las Vegas - the most important events happen exactly in American gambling city. The team of main characters attends Vegas casinos every weekend to win huge amounts of money.


The initial story

The 21 movie is an irrefutable evidence of the fact that a director of Legally Blonde and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton Robert Luketic has finally changed the manner of his films. The movie was based on real story which occurred in the eighties.

The group of MIT students that was permanently renewed with fresh faces enriched themselves via cheating (exactly card counting) at Blackjack and in 90 became a world-famous legend due to the popular book of Ben Mezrich. Nevertheless, Luketic has used only the concept of those events to create his own moralizing story.

The plot

The plot is actually rather typical for the films with gambling matter - smart cheaters always win at the end, it is similar to Ocean's eleven. With the very beginning the 21 has an adventurous character: the company of young people in the gambling capital of USA, the complicated system of secret signs, bottles of the most expensive champagne and other advantages of spy life.

The team is guided by the professor Micky Rosa, starring Kevin Spacey, that invented his own system of card counting during which the probability of winning at blackjack rises many times. The main character, brilliant student Ben Campbell joins the secret university team not long before the big game. He is a decent chap, but he can`t afford the further education in Harvard.

The young geniuses successfully use their skills and win a lot of money at different casinos for a while. However, all things appeared to be not so easy at one moment. Not always the fortune accompanies gamblers. Moreover, all characters changed their attitude to money and to each other. The professor, their closer advisor, appeared to be a former experienced and uncatchable casino cheater that established the team of cleverest mathematicians with the aim to continue his illegal enrichment and gain own benefit.

All the misfortunes gain strength on the background of personal disorders of the characters. At the end viewers can oversee all the consequences of casino cheating, that the main character had experienced. And thus a lot of spectators may finally choose the blackjack online variant - more resistance to stress and less dangerous.

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