Atlantic City Movie Review

Plot and characteristic briefly

Atlantic City is one of the best romantic crime dramas about casino. Moreover, it may be referred to the best cult movies of all times. This is a `dreams come true` story. The action of the drama develops in Canadian town Atlantic City. The director, Louis Malle, has skillfully depicted times of decay, but showed that the town has all chances to rebirth. Actually the plot is simple: a girl, who lives in her dreams and is aware of gambling side of the town; her scum-husband that escape with his pregnant mistress and the much older man, Lou, that lives in his own world and pretends he is a gambling criminal. Suddenly fates of these characters inextricably intertwine. An amazing thing is how accurately the director has selected actors, reflected the important moments and made the film lively, delightful and breathtaking.

Interesting facts

Michele Legrand has wrote a soundtrack to the film, which haven`t been used.

At first Robert Mitchum was considered to be the leading man but then producers withdraw his candidacy. The reason was the plastic operation made by the actor, so this fact was contradicted to Lou`s prototype.

At the beginning of the film Chrissie admires giant elephant. This elephant is a façade of tourist center built in 1881 and then restored in 1971.

The French-Canadian company offered to sponsor the project in case Louis Malle would finish the movie by the agreed date. However, during the long time director was not satisfied with a screenplay. Then Susan Sarandon suggests her close friend, John Guare, to improve the scenario and he has transferred the action in Atlantic City. Thus, they have met the deadline. Have you known that keno is a game of chance that is similar to lotto, but uses balls rather than counters?


The film has really gained huge popularity all over the world. And this statement can be proven by a great quantity of awards:

  • BAFTA - Best director, Best actor (B. Lancaster)
  • Venice Film Festival, Golden Lion (Louis Malle)
  • David di Donatello Awards - Best foreigner actor (B. Lancaster)
  • Fotogramas de Plata - Best foreign film, Best foreigner actor (B. Lancaster)
  • Sant Jordi Awards - Best foreign film,
  • Genie Awards - Best actress in a leading role (S. Sarandon), Best Picture

And a lot of others, like: National Society of Film Critics Awards, USA; Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, New York Film Critics Circle Awards, National Film Preservation Board, USA.

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