Love Films and Casino Love Stories

Moviemakers are interested in plots where casino theme figures, as those films appear to be very vivid and more likely to attract the attention of viewers. As a rule, the moving events of such films keep the viewers under the tension and make them to worry every time the main character runs into his gambling troubles. Actually these are pure actions such as Ocean's eleven, Casino Royale and a lot of others, which refer to our time as well as to remote past. However, there are a lot of films, that concern other side of human`s interest and have much wider circum of admirers.

To fall in love at casino

It is possible to call them special, casino love stories. Casino is not really the main object of these films and appeared to be an additional feature for the creation of appropriate atmosphere. Many directors are still fond of the film idea when there is a fatal meeting of two beloved at casino, the ambience of passion and `value of the moment` only enhance viewer`s perception. Sometimes a casino plays the role of the main obstacle between young people, sometimes the events at casino, as well as love, tie them forever and so on. Thus, romantic adventures of beloved at casino gain great popularity since the remote 60-70ties till now.

Bright examples

It is a common knowledge that not every love story has its happy end. However, such kinds of dramas are successful likewise trivial romantic movies. The good example is Croupier, released in 1998 by Mike Hodges. Jack Manfred, starring Clive Owen, the beginner in professional writing fetch up at gambling world and as the result spoils the relationship with his girlfriend. However, he quickly finds a relief in attractive and venturesome Jayne who drives him to dangerous fraud…

Let us turn your attention to something more optimistic, like What Happens in Vegas, for example. Directed by Tom Vaughan it was filmed from the novel of Dana Fox and released in 2008. Two young people, starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher , separately come to Las Vegas to relax with friends and to forget about their problems. Casually, after the adventurous and drunk night they find out that they have hit an amazing amount at casino and, what is more important - they are married now.

There are a lot of romantic, beautiful stories connected with casinos. And if you have watched all of them, it is a high probability that your destiny is waiting for you at the nearest casino lobby.

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