Diamonds are Forever by Guy Hamilton

There are 21 films about the secret agent oo7, James Bond. Ian Fleming has written a lot of novels about the adventurous and courageous M16 agent. They were filmed by different directors and producers and many famous actors were involved into filming. All of them have gained a popularity and all of them worth the attention of viewer. However, we decided to heed our attention to only few movies: Diamonds are forever, starring sophisticated Sean Connery and the last Casino Royale movie, starring Daniel Craig.

The seventh film


Released in 1971 Diamonds are forever appeared to be the final Sean Connery's turn as James Bond (he also eventually starred in Never Say Never Again, 1983's remake of Thunderball). It was directed by Guy Hamilton that was working on his second 007 film and then filmed 2 more. The basic plot of the film was taken from the novel with the same title, written by Ian Fleming in 1956, right after the initial version of Casino Royale was filmed. The producers believed it would repeat the success of Goldfinger, so they even hired the same director.


Connery's presence improves a lot of scenes in the movie, but that is not a big secret. Bond is very definitive by Connery -- it is a guaranteed pleasure to watch the film even if it is a sub-par. It is easy to like the Diamonds Are Forever movie exceptionally because of the leading man. Unfortunately, the other part of cast doesn't help him a lot. Charles Gray is not ill-boding enough as Blofeld (who is seemed to have 9 lives). In fact, of the various actors to play this role, Gray's effete interpretation is the worst. Jill St. John, the first American Bond girl, who gives one of the most irritating female performances in a 007 feature. Norman Burton is immediately forgettable as Leiter, and Jimmy Dean plays Whyte like a clown. Fortunately, the cast is not the only one criteria to judge the film and it is the one of the best cult movies.


In 1964 Shirley Bassey has performed the first James Bond theme in Goldfinger and then introduce the title song in Diamonds Are Forever. It`s worth mentioning that Harry Saltzman, producer, didn`t like the song and only Cubby Broccoli, co-producer, insist on its presence in the film. The initial soundtrack was re-composed by John Barry, who had a great experience in composing for the 007 film. James Bond Theme was executed by electric guitar pre-credits sequence and gunbarrel sequence, and in a full orchestral version during a hovercraft sequence in Amsterdam.

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