Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Movie

Short overview

The film is based on the book written by Hunter S. Thompson "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A wild journey into the heart of the American Dream." Vegas movies like this one always show the madness or obsessed characters that experience an influence of Sin City. Directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro the movie, as well as the book, depicts times of 1970. It is needed to be mention that the book has been related with the real events of Hunter `s life. The prototype for Raoul Duke himself is Hunter Thompson.


«Buy the ticket, take the ride»

The main characters- an odd couple, frankly speaking - a journalist Raoul Duke and his lawyer Gonzo, go to Las Vegas. Their main goal in the city of entertaining is to create a magazine article concerning the local motor-racing "Mint 400", but the trip quickly turns into a series of acute hallucinations; both pass through narcotic delirium and plunge into horrific memories. Two friends experience innumerable adventurous: they smash their hotel room by reason they are unable to pay the bill, Dr. Gonzo suddenly disappears, and Duke as soon as he notices his friend is absent, escapes from the hotel too. What a story, eh? It's more complicated than the blackjack online gaming no doubt.

However, while making his way through the desert outside the city, he gets a call from his boss with a new task - to highlight the coverage of Congress police on drug addiction in the newspaper. Halfway in California, Duke turns back to Las Vegas, where Gonzo is already waiting for him. With one small detail - Gonzo is stoned. So their unbelievable adventures take place again. The couple settles in the hotel, and everything starts anew. One more thing to be said - if compare with all Vegas comedies, including Vegas Vacation that our site contains, this one definitely the most crazy, insane and hilarious. Well, it actually cannot be compared with Vacation - the old school is just different.

Interesting to know...

...Johnny Depp and Hunter knew each other before Depp has accepted an offer to play Raoul Duke in the film on his book.

...Terry Gilliam has been invited to the project as a director after Alex Cox refused to film after he met with Thompson.

...Depp for a while lived in the house of Hunter and diligently "absorbed" his demeanor.

...While making a movie they didn't do drugs, Johnny Depp instead of sniffing cocaine, sniffed milk powder, according to him "sniff cocaine would be more humane."

...Hunter shaved Depp's head by himself and made "the very same" bold spot.

...Benicio Del Toro also had to make sacrifices for the sake of art gaining weight for a movie for almost 66 lbs.

...The film has some very successful cameo appearance, in one scene even Thompson himself has participated.

...Johnny Depp spent a few months to get rid of the gait and manner of Hunter S. Thompson after the end of the movie.

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

'...A wild journey into the heart of the American Dream' - that's all you have to know before watching this movie. Great description...

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