Five Casino Games with the Highest Odds of Winning

It is widely believed that casino games have 50-50 chance of a win. What if I told you that is just a myth? Gambling is a science of probability and like all sciences it has a set of rules that need to be understood, techniques that ought to be mastered and most importantly an equation that can always be solved. If you are an old time gambler, you probably already know all there is to know about casino games of skills, which you can easily find at online casinos. However, new timers might be intimidated by level of skill required for greater odds of winning so fear not; we can tell you all about five easiest casino games and the simple ways to beat them!


It is a card comparing game and more biased towards the gambler because it is extremely easy to play and understand because it offers a house advantage of 1.06%, a very low percentage indeed!

It can be played using one of the three formats: big, mini or middi baccarat; each one comprising of a slightly different variation on rules. It is basically as simple as betting on a flipping coin and all the gambler has to do is place a wager on which hand will win: the player, the banker or a tie. Since each card has a certain value, a little bit of math can take you a long way in this game.

Video Poker

It is a game that is an exception to the rule “the house always has an advantage” and can return over 100% of the bets. Although the game requires a little bit of technique to play, we believe it is best to practice them for they can make you a sure winner.

Once you play your coins, the machine gives you 5 cards. Based on the values assigned to each, you can either keep them or discard the ones you think might be dead weight. The machine then pays you based on the value of your hand. However, a fair word of caution: Don’t base your decision on intuition or you may lose more than you wager.


It is a dice game that has its own play on verbosity. It can be a little bit overwhelming for a first-timer but if you familiarize yourself with the jargon, you have very high odds of beating the system.

The game is pretty simple. All players need to place a bet, using preset terminologies and roll the dice. The players with the correct bet win. However, it is very important to know the rules and probabilities involved with dice before you indulge in it.

Texas Hold’em

It is a card game with a very popular online version on Facebook. Gamblers all over the world are now well versed with the rules and cheat which makes it an easy bet.

Texas Hold’em is a variation of the standard poker game. It requires players to place a bet on their un-flipped cards; using the knowledge of their flipped cards, they can either check, bet, raise or fold after each deal. Since each player plays for the pool of money combined by all at the table, it not only has high odds of winning, it can be a literal jackpot for a winner so the stakes are very high!

Spanish 21

It is a variation of blackjack and is often considered a best bet in a casino. In addition, the game has a low house advantage, a plus for all beginners. It has the same methodology as black jack so you just need to be versed with the rules.

The important thing to remember is that blackjack always wins and has a 3:2 paying ratio irrespective of the possession of the black jack. So if you refresh your math, and learn a little bit of card counting, Spanish 21 is the game to put your money on.

In addition to these, always remember that you ought to start with low house advantage games because they present a higher odd of winning and that fortune favors the brave! So put your gamble face on and go place a bet.

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