Comic Movies That Come with a Gambling Theme

For a long time, certainly, since the time of the famous Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s onwards, the world has always known that the movie industry is one of the most lucrative ones in the world. Millions of dollars are poured into movies, and afterwards, millions of dollars in profits are realized from the productions.  


Following in the footsteps of the films has been the gaming industry. In recent times, the gambling business, namely free slots online, has been classified as an emerging giant in the global economy with the potential to eclipse some of the traditional powerhouses such as the mining industry!


The impressive rise of gambling has been necessitated by several factors. Chief among them is the fact that this industry is diverse as it encompasses sports betting, video poker, free slot machine games, roulette and blackjack. In recent times, the industry has moved to accommodate new divisions such as novelty betting, eSports and VR (Virtual Reality) gaming. 


While the story of the immense and rapid rise of gaming is a fascinating one, it’s not the one that we are going to be focusing on today. Rather, this article seeks to explore the blossoming relationship that’s emerging between the movie and the gaming industry. Specifically, the article is going to talk about comic movies that come with a gambling theme and will definitely make you want to play free slot games.


Snatch is a production of Guy Ritchie, a movie writer and director behind Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. This comedy at best can be termed a dark comedy as it comes with some gruesome and at the same time some hilarious scenes. 


The protagonist in the movie is Brad Pitt, who plays the role of an Irish boxer. While preparing for his next underground fight, unbeknown to him, there are two rival groups that are aiming to use his fight as a way of settling their differences. 


The two rival groups find themselves at loggerheads over a missing diamond. With each rival camp believing that the other camp is the one responsible for stealing the precious gem, leaders from both camps decide to contest each other on the betting arena. One group in support of Pitt and the other against him. The aim, however, not to make any gambling profits but to take the opportunity to probe further about the whereabouts of the missing gem and if possible, to steal it from the one protecting it. 


However, just a few days before the planned fight, it’s revealed that the missing diamond is in the hands of a foreigner who is coming to sell it in London and surprisingly, his destination is the underground fighting arena.

Funny Man

Many have termed it weird but what’s certain about Funny Man is that it is a fun movie which is great to watch. Just like Snatch. However, Funny Man is a dark comedy as it does come with some gruesome scenes. Perhaps, we can say this is a feature prevalent in many gambling themed comic movies as the gambling world is in itself dirty and dangerous. 


In Funny Man, the protagonist is Max Taylor. He first finds himself in a casino at a poker table where he is competing against one of the city’s (London) top poker players. Against the odds, Max Taylor manages to win the game in the process winning back his old mansion which he had lost. Max had lost the mansion after losing a poker game. To celebrate winning back his old mansion, Max decides to throw a party at the mansion. He invites all his close friends to a night of merry-making. 


Unfortunately, what ought to have been a fun night turns out to be a horror night as the ‘Funny Man’ the creature of the title finds himself inside Max’s old mansion. Funny Man’s aim is to stalk and slash all living beings.

God of Gamblers

God of Gamblers is an Asian movie that has enjoyed massive success ever since it was released in 1989. Today, the movie has nine sequels! This is justifying its immense popularity. 


The protagonist in God of Gamblers is Ko Chun, a man known as the god of gamblers owing to his prowess in winning chance-based casino games. Not many people, however, know the true identity of Ko Chun as he tries his best to hide his identity. 


Chun’s gambling exploits in his native Hong Kong lands him a match with Tokyo’s finest gambler Tanaka. Chun convincingly beats Tanaka in two games of Mahjong and dice. Accepting defeat and acknowledging Chun’s gambling brilliance, Tanaka decides to use Chun in averting revenge on the man who caused his father to commit suicide. His plan, to organize a high stakes match between Chun and the man so that Chun wins and the man loses much of his fortune. Chun accepts Tanaka’s plan, but on his way to the match, he finds himself in a childlike state of mind owing to an unfortunate accident. 


A series of events follows in which Chun’s girlfriend is murdered. Only after Chun has recovered his memory does he learn of all that happened in the time he was in a childlike state of mind. From thereon, Chun’s efforts are to revenge the death of his girlfriend and compensate Tanaka as well as Knife (the woman who took him in when he was incapacitated). His efforts ultimately take him to Las Vegas, the mecca of gambling.

The Conman

The Conman is one of the several sequels to God of Gamblers. In the movie, the protagonist King finds himself being dumped by his wife owing to an affair he was having. To keep him sane in his state, King resorts to what he knows best, that is, gambling. 


On an unfortunate day, King, while gambling with Chimney, decides to videotape the whole gambling session. When Chimney realizes that he is being videotaped, he confronts King, and a fight ensues. In self-defence, King kills Chimney. He is sentenced to five years, and upon his release, he meets Dragon, a small-time gambler with whom they practice horse racing, the gambling skill King learnt while in prison. 


In the time between his gambling session, King decides to search for his long-lost wife and his son. His search, however, leads him to different paths, some of which are fun while others are downright gruesome.


Las Vegas always was and still is the destination that beckons people from all over the globe. So, there is nothing strange if you were watching a film from our list and the next moment packing your luggage with a great wish to play a couple of free slots with bonus feature.

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