Honeymoon in Vegas Movie


Honeymoon in Vegas is a romantic comedy directed by Andrew Bergman in 1992. Its advantages may be characterized by the picturesque motion, as it is one of Vegas films and the action takes place in Vegas accordingly and beautiful Hawaii; brilliant actors` play, young and fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker with her incomparable style that has formed in that period and Elvis Presley's soundtracks. The last actually may be treated as disadvantage as well. Sweet family film starring James Caan, Nicolas Cage and S.J. Parker has performed in somewhat weird and clumsy manner, but it doesn`t mean that it has no fans or just audience that has liked it a lot.


The summary

The main character of the movie - Jack Singer, who has sworn to mother before her death that he wouldn`t get married. Time has passed and he decides to make a commitment with Betsy, his girlfriend that waits for it for a long time already. So he takes her to amazing Las Vegas, but still hesitates. Meanwhile, the couple plunge in gambling atmosphere and Jack decides to play a card game. He loses to an experienced gambler and millionaire, Tommy Korman , who is able to forgive him if Jack lets his fiancée to spend weekends with him. Korman actually feels drawn to her because she is alike to his passed away wife. The main female character played by Parker appeared to be really sweet, naïve and sexy simultaneously. By the way, exactly in these early ages and exactly in this quite old movie Sarah Jessica Parker have worked out fabulous and unique style, that is one of the reasons of her incredible popularity. It`s very understandable, as every woman adores style.

A film actually is full of love and it may be referred to our Casino Love Stories as well as Vegas films. It has the deserved happy end in spite of the illogical actions of heroes and suspicious turnaround of events.


On the one hand, it is quite hard to criticize such a pure lovely story with its naïve characters. On the other hand why the director actually thinks that it is possible to make a cute story about selling the bride by her own boyfriend? And how exactly this plot concerns Elvis Presley? Is it a kind of tribute to the memory of great singer? However, brilliant play of Nicolas Cage has led the movie to the nomination of Golden Globe.

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