House of Games Movie

«Human nature is a sucker bet»

With House of Games David Mamet has made his début as a film director in 1987. Before that he was known as the famous American author, screenwriter, playwright and essayist. The first screenplay, produced by Mamet was The Postman Always Rings Twice 1981 production. He made his own script later and for that work he was nominated on Academy Award (with The Verdict).

The film describes an adventurous gambling life and contributes a list of the most famous poker films. It contains less useful information about cheating and poker game itself than Lucky you, for example, but is oriented on wider audience. To write a screenplay, the director collaborated with Jonathan Katz and they together devised a story. It is a drama starring Joe Mantegna, Lindsay Crouse, J. T. Walsh and Ricky Jay. The actor play was very high evaluated by critics, except cases when some of them regret that Mamet has given his wife the leading role. Lindsay Crouse in her turn had been judged strictly for her unprofessionalism.

The plot

Dr. Margaret Ford is a pretty woman who has succeeded in psychiatry. She has written the book which occupies high position at the book market, she has money and the favorite job, but she still feels that something is missing and the feeling of dissatisfaction begins to grow inside her. So once she has the opportunity to meet Mike, a professional cheater. He is a handsome charming man disposed to philosophizing into the bargain. She takes her chance and asks her new friend to initiate her in all the secrets of his occupation. Thus, Margaret`s boredom is casted away, she is going to write a new book and decides that it can be a good stuff for the last. Moreover, little by little, the woman falls in love with Mike. She can`t even imagine that he carefully plans the greatest and wide-ranging fraud, and she will participate in it in the role of victim.

Support team

The director`s then-wife was not the only one close friend of him at the shooting area. During his first filming Mamet bring a lot of his friends into play. 'It was my first film as a director and I needed support, so I stacked the deck',-he said.

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