Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Poker films

It`s hard to believe, but a lot of classical and contemporary moviemakers have found the inspiration for creation their brilliant films in casino card games. The most famous of them is poker, for sure. A common knowledge is also that there are plenty different ways to cheat at this game and lots of various strategies to play. Thus, the experienced, professional or just lucky gamblers always appeared in poker films as the main characters. What can be more excited for viewers than watch their ups and downs and imagine their dangerous, but full of adventure life!

Guy Ritchie`s movie

Let`s pretend the most vivid, improbable and crazy film about modern gamblers. Who will be the director? Without any doubt - Guy Ritchie. This extraordinary moviemaker had time to proved his right on such type of movies. His debut Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels have appeared to be absolute success in spite of the critics` ferocious annotations. It has been a film which modern society was waiting for the long time. The grim humour, compared with ceaseless action, incredible screen and brilliant actors` play have made this movie a very special one. On our site we represent one more film of this producer - Revolver, which actually inferior to Lock, Stock… but let us return to the theme.

The plot

The main characters are really tired of petty deals, so they make up their mind to snatch a large sum. For this purpose they decide Eddie, their close friend to play poker with Harry "The Hatchet", porn king, the most influential and dangerous character. Four friends scraped enough money for Eddie to enter a high-stakes game. Since he was known as an expert gamer and had the ability to read the reaction of people, they were waiting for big money. Eddie almost always won at honest card games, but Harry was not that guy, who easily let somebody to beat him. He has foreseen all possible variants of situation and turns everything on his benefit. As the result, friends were head over ears in debt. They, however, went through a hard trial, full of adventures and extricate themselves successfully. Seeing is believing.

The cast

Such names as Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones and Sting (even if as the incidental character) speak for themselves. It doesn`t mean that Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher and Nick Moran do not deserve loud applauses. All of them really do.

Movie`s contribution

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels have gained its huge popularity due to plenty of special scenes, dialogs and colorful lexicon of main characters. The film was torn to quotes at once. Dialogs, the plot, soundtracks - all these form a bouquets will impress every viewer for sure. It`s not necessary to mention all of awards that were fairly given to this film - you will make sure that there was a reason behind it.

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