Lucky You Film Review

«Take a chance»

Lucky you is the 2007 film, directed by Curtis Hanson. The last is famous director of many films that works with different genres including thriller The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, adventurous drama The River Wild, the comedy Far away from you, and the best police detective serial of 90th - L.A. Confidential. So before filming Lucky you he probably has decided to devote himself to the inexperienced genre and make a contribution to Poker Movies. In spite of the fact, a lot of critics have expressed their negative attitude to the film, we consider it to be worth of watching. However, do not expect to feel some incredible dynamic and to see a stunning performance, Lucky you has a lot of others advantages.


The action is developing in the world of professional poker. The main character is Huck Cheever, a young man that put his back into gambling, has no fear and risks all the time. Partially the film is about obsession that gains an overwhelming power over the player. Concerning relations he is obtain the contrary position - he acts very wisely and carefully, trying to avoid the emotional bursts and obligations.

Eventually he states an aim to win the world poker championship 2003 and simultaneously to fascinate young beautiful singer Billie Offer. The character has only one obstacle - he meets his father, the legendary poker player that had hurt his feelings in childhood. Thus, a father and a son become rivals in life and at poker tournament as well. Before the final competition Huck realizes the truth: to gain the victories in life and at poker it is necessary to unite good qualities and merits with the talented game.

Poker Fans Will Really Love It

There are a lot of wonderful movies that tell about gambling and, to be more precisely, introduce a life of card player full of adventures and various tricks. Lucky you is a perfect example of psychological dodges that can be applied during the poker game. The plot is comprised by people, who really know not only the theoretical part of the game, but who have experienced the game. Thus, film is oriented towards unordinary viewers. However, it is also full of romantic and adventurous episodes, so a person, who doesn`t know anything about poker may enjoy it as well. Moreover, those who are not really familiar with the game are very likely to learn basics and tricks. Anyway, all viewers will be intrigued. The director brightly depicts the scene of the championship. Actually the heat of the struggle can be compared with final scenes of Maverick or Rounders.

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