Maverick Film Review

In late 1950s Roy Huggins has created the Maverick television series, starring James Garner and Jack Kelly as two lovable gamblers. Those series formed the appropriate platform for the later creation of a movie with the same title, directed by R. Donner and featured Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, James Garner and some cameo characters. The Maverick film refers to the famous poker films and offers an exciting spectacular comedy in western style. From the very beginning it may be treated by viewers as simple dumb fun, but actually the more you watch the more certain you become that it`s a smart dumb fun. William Goldman, the scriptwriter, has taken his cues from the own "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" script and added a little bit of 'The Sting' for taste.


In Webster dictionary you may find the precise meaning of the word Maverick. It owes its meaning to Samuel Maverick, the American pioneer that didn`t stamp his cattle. His name is now used to describe the independent personality that refuse to live accordingly to the laws of group. That is actually the man played by Mel Gibson, Bret Maverick. He is a professional poker player and a real swindler, funny and fascinating, who can protect himself and a good shooter. His unbelievable adventurous make a plot of this unconventional western. To be in a big game, he needs to gather $25.000. The same aim has his colleague, fair-haired beauty Annabelle. The intricate storyline has the brilliant ending.

Cast & music as main features

The whole team did their utmost to make the comedy brighter and vivid. The cameo appearances have showed their professionalism as well as leading actors, e.g. Graham Greene had a lot of funny lines. James Coburn, Alfred Molina, Geoffrey Lewis have also shined in supporting performances.

Ending credits were accompanied by two amazing songs. They are "Amazing Grace" C&W rendition with a following 'Ride Gambler Ride'. Both of them are really worth hearing and sticking around.

To sum up, Maverick can serve as a source of positive emotions. It is not as popular as The Cincinnati Kid, for example, but we cannot compare these two because of different genres and directions. Anyway, everybody can find some film peculiarities to be rather attractive.

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