The best roulette movies

Our generation has become very lazy. You realize that if you want to reach something in casino, you have to get experience and read as much as possible information on the casino’s theme, e.g. yebo casino review by Roulette77. But it’ll always be better to lie on the sofa and to get this knowledge in the visual way - watching roulette movies.

There are lots of the educational and cult casino movies on every topic: whether it’s blackjack, slots or roulette. Speaking about the last gambling game, roulette, you’ll find for sure lots of the valuable and really good roulette movies with interesting and sometimes psychological plot. Let’s review some of them!

Daniel Deronda

Actually, “Daniel Deronda” is a novel of the well-known author George Eliot that published it in 1876. Imagine how old this story is! The cinematography couldn’t pass by this sophisticated plot and it was casted in 2002. This is an intricate story of love, cruelty and gambling. The story centers on the protagonist Daniel Deronda (Hugh Dancy) and a beautiful woman Gwendolen (Romola Garai) who gambled a lot and consequently stayed without her father’s estate.


Casablanca was shot in 1942 and actually was the first one of the roulette movies. This film has gained much popularity because of its soundtrack and characters of course. Events take play at the Café Americain, where roulette reel is fixed. It happened during the World War II, where the main hero (Ingrid Bergman) has to make the right choice between his beloved woman (Humphrey Bogart) and her husband that fights against the Nazis.

The sting

This casino movie is considered to be a caper one that was shot in 1973. The story was inspired by the real con games played by two brothers. This is a drama along with comedian scenes, where two protagonists (Robert Redford and Paul Newman) arrange a sting against the lord of a crime, because he had murdered their friend. The players skim big sum of money at the casinos while playing roulette. The finish of the story is quite surprising.

Run, Lola, Run

This is a film of chances and opportunities. Once you can receive a phone call and your life will be changed forever. This happened with the main protagonist Lola (Franka Potenta) that had to obtain 100, 000 marks during 20 minutes in order to save the life of her boyfriend. What would you do? She went to the casino during her “third run” and could obtain even more with the chip of 100 marks at the roulette table.

Interesting Items

Guy Ritchie filmsguy_ritchieGuy Ritchie is one of the most famous progressive moviemakers of today. The casino theme is his strong point!
Bondianabondiana 007 agent is an absolute hero of the past, present and feature. Each episode is just like a pleasant blackjack online bonus!
Master Scorsesemaster_scorsese This talented person is worthy of respect as every Scorsese's motion picture becomes an impressive masterpiece.

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