The Rounders Movie Overview

The audience approval as the biggest award

Rounders is released in 1998 film that exposes interesting sides of gambling underground world and shows the professional high-stakes poker. It was directed by John Dahl and starring amazing actors at the time of their entry-level such as Edward Norton and Matt Damon. The Rounders movie shows two close friends that need to earn enough money in short terms playing poker because they are indebted and this fact is never pleasure. The term 'rounder' refers to an individual who set his occupation as gambling profession and concerns it to be the only one way to survive. Undoubtedly, the film stays in a range of the most famous Poker Movies.

The Rounders has gained huge popularity and become one of the cult casino movies after poker games were met by gamblers with approval all over the world. However, movie hasn`t got all positive critics` reviews and made not really large amount of money.

The plot

The idea of the movie`s plot is rather often used by moviemakers, e.g. GoodFellas that is no less popular than the one in question. At the underground New York club the big game has started. There are special rules and special stakes. By visiting it every gambler can win fortune or lose everything.

Mike McDermott has an incredible undersense and amazing brains while 'Worm' is experienced cardsharper and can deal with cards as nobody else can. He has been just released from jail and new problems appear immediately. The cheater need to pay off his old debt of $15.000. So, two friends have only one way - to face risk and play dirty games.

Movie`s feature

Every great actor has his starting point that usually means he starts in a small way with the simplest movies without any special effects and million advertising company. He plays simple guys with no heroic impulses. And such films dwell in our memory much longer than every average blockbuster. The Rounders is one of those movies, with a soul and talent. The leading men of the film have found their starting point in it and upgraded their skills. After The Rounders was released Matt Damon and Edward Norton haven`t participated in low-budget motions. This film proved their talent for critics and showed their great potential.

Interesting Items

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