Roulette movie "Run, Lola, Run"

Even the title of the film is curious: who is Lola, why has she to run and where? And how can you relate this film with roulette? Very easy! There is no other place where you can get a great sum of money in 20 minutes than at a casino!


"Run, Lola, Run" is a German movie shot in 1998. But even now you'll be amazed by the contemporary situations, plot and problems while watching it. The sounds of techno music accompany the Lola's run and it makes the movie even more exciting. This is one of the most famousroulette movies. This is the extreme mixture of drama, adventure and action that will show you the power of love.


So, this casino moviestarts with the phone call to Lola from her boyfriendManni. He tells her that lost boss's 100, 000 German marks and needs to get such sum in 20 minutes before the boss's arrival. He is desperate and decides to rob the nearest supermarket. Lola starts persuading him not to make such a mistake. And she begins to run in search of this sum. The main part of the movie can be divided in 3 runs.

  • First run. Lola meets dogs on her way, run through the Berlin streets towards her father's bank. She causes lots of accidents, but all this was in vain. Her father refuses to help and plus Lola finds out about lots of unpleasant facts of her own family. Meanwhile, Manny is preparing for the robbery.
  • Second run. Again she meets with the dog that even injures her. Again she is the main cause of the car accident with the same persons. She decides to rob the bank of her own father, being infuriated and she takes some money and manages to escape from there. But when she is on the way to Manni, he's come over by an ambulance.
  • Third run. Lola continues running and decides to enter a casino. She buys a chip of 100 marks there and starts betting at roulette. Lola wins there twice due to the number 20 and thus receives the payouts of the 129,600 marks which will help her boyfriend for sure. At the same moment Manni encounters that homeless that took the boss's money at the beginning, and while he's chasing him, a car accident happens where Lola's father dies. He exchanged the bag with money for the gun and then returns cash to his boss. Later Lola comes from a casino and the Manni's question is "What is in bag?"

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