Sabotage is known to be another method to gain the advantage over the casino by means of unauthorized intrusion into the slot machine mechanism. It is known to be one of the hardest cheats to implement alongside the drilling. Among the other winning slots methods it is considered to be the tool that can be implemented only with the help of skillful professional.

The way it works

It is essential to know that the sabotage is impossible to implement without the assistance of the programmer. The point is that the idea of the sabotaging of the slot machine is that the programmer must penetrate the slot machine software. Such kind of a trick can be implemented only with the help of the qualified electronic engineer or some professional software hacker who, perhaps, designed or wrote the software for the slots game itself, if talking about online net casinos slots. In the case if the sabotage is going to be implemented at physical gambling establishment, it must be the particular casino worker, or slots designer that can help to sabotage the slots.

It is widely accepted that the slots are known to be like the video games, some particular buttons are to be pressed in order to trigger the chain of particular actions according to the certain programmed patterns.

Traditionally, the programmers that design the slots games may put the special code in them during the process of creation that activates the cheat. They may easily come to the casino that have these very particular slot games and activate the "cheating codes" of their own without much trouble.

It is just like with the secret PIN codes of security or so that can be inputted into the program in order to force the slots repay without reason.

Thus, sabotage is considered to be extremely shady method of slots winning. Only the programmers or engineers can actually know how to do that. In fact, no one, apart from them, even casino!

Interesting facts

In the past, there were some interesting occasions of sabotaging the slot machines. Among them there are cases of the slot machines being cheated even before their delivery to the gambling establishments. Only an inside man has to do with it!

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