Shade the Movie Overview

Shade is 2003 crime drama, directed by Damian Nieman. The film has very bright cast that includes Gabriel Byrne, Stuart Townsend, Thandie Newton, Roger Guenveur Smith, Jamie Foxx and Melanie Griffith. The special place should be awarded to amazing Sylvester Stallone who has impressed the viewers with unforgettable brilliant play. The movie is devoted to a quite familiar theme and without hesitations can be referred to the wide range of old-timey Poker Movies. However, it certainly has the peculiarities which make it distinguishable among other movies.

The style of filming reminds the Ritchie`s style, for instance Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, that has caught the fancy of viewers. In spite of the fact that audience is fed up with the main subject, the director has realize an idea wonderfully!


It is almost impossible to hit a large sum in casino single-handed. Such case demands good preparations and well-played role scenario. So this is a story about someone has the intension to do improbable - to play the big game against legendary Stevens. The meeting of the genius of underhand dealing Charlie Miller, card professional Vernon and the experienced cheater Larry Jennings was non-random. The fraud is a very dangerous choice for each of them, but they earn their living with it. They know better than everyone else that lives have a miserable price compared with someone`s large losses in criminal world. Anyway they will proceed what they do - cheating and fraud that go together with adventures. It is much better to watch and enjoy than to read.


Shadow was meet with approval in USA and European countries, and received the whole range of good reviews from the US critics and magazines. Rotten tomatoes still gives 71% for the rating of Shade.

The film had been opened only for five weeks in 6 theatres. We can`t but mention that in spite of the quite small budget its office box appeared to be $25,000,000.

Its DVD version was provided by Warner Home Video.

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