Las Vegas Films about Casino


Las Vegas is the most famous city in Nevada, Clark County`s seat, US. It is also the most densely-populated city of NV that attracts millions of tourists every year regardless of the season and the variety of prices.

Undoubtedly, the main places of interest in Las Vegas are innumerable casinos and gambling clubs. Each of them has its own inimitable style and unique atmosphere. You will never see clocks and windows at any of gambling clubs or casino - everything is aimed to maintain the atmosphere of excitement and nothing can draw players away from a gambling establishment. So leave your blackjack online gaming and visit the most famous and reputable houses such as: Bellagio, that has won Five Diamonds Award in 2008, Caesar`s Palace, which extension exceeds all Monte-Carlo casinos combined, New York - New York Hotel & Casino - the real New York city, disposed on a few hectares and a lot of others that are glad to welcome visitors and provide them with entertainments.

Attraction for moviemakers

At Las Vegas casinos the newcomers can find their game as well as the experienced gamblers. However, gamblers and tourists are not the only ones who are attracted by fabulous bright lights of the city. The moviemakers all over the world were excited with their ideas to be implemented exactly on the background of Sin City. First of all, Vegas has a reach history, all connected with gambling. Thus famous directors, like Martin Scorsese in his Casino film or GoodFellas, have successfully tried to depict the old city, controlled by mafia with its characters and specific features. Las Vegas is a perfect place to feature some entertaining movies, full of jokes, romantic stories and lucky accidents.

The examples

So let`s take a look at bright examples of such Vegas films, mentioned above. It is difficult to cover all movies, that somehow have brought Las Vegas into play and even to the most popular the whole site may be dedicated. So it is easier to take some particular casino, for instance, Bellagio and to look through all movies in question where it was figured.

The famous dancing fountains of Bellagio were depicted in 21, released in 2008 and earlier in Lucky you, 2007. Brad Pitt and George Clooney hold a friendly chat near that prominent structure in Ocean`s Thirteen, 2007. Probably the director liked the place earlier in 2001 during shooting Julia Roberts on beautiful stairs inside the casino in question, in Ocean`s Eleven. The main character of The Hangover, the lost groom Doug, finds the Bellagio chips in the value of $80,000. Thus, you can clearly see that moviemakers appreciate the place with its beauty and magnificence.

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Interesting Items

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Master Scorsesemaster_scorsese This talented person is worthy of respect as every Scorsese's motion picture becomes an impressive masterpiece.

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