Vegas Vacation Movie Overview

Vegas Vacation movie is the last one in the range of legendary American comedy 'Vacation' series, including first part, European and Christmas Vacation that carried forward Chevy Chase. He actually has occupied the position of the first class comedy superstars after those series. Unfortunately, this is the last film starring Chase. Probably he couldn`t get accustomed to contemporary Hollywood and preferred to be referred to qualitative American comedy period of the eighties.


Vegas Vacation has appeared in 1997, 8 years after amusing topping 'Christmas Vacation' but the film has been released after the actor had experienced undeserved abuse of critics and box office failure of the 'Nothing But Trouble' and the failure of 'Memoirs of an Invisible Man' and other films of this period have not added comedian neither fame nor the new offers. However, Warner Brothers has considered the last part of comedy series would be profitable and put their shoulder to the wheel.

The familiar plot

And they were right! Clark Griswold American face appeared on the screen again: with a stupid smile, cheerful, adoring family traditions as usual and with a special treatment of vacations. First of all, this very comedy refers to the most memorable Vegas films. It was exactly the place where our lovely family was going to spend their holidays. In spite of the meaningful name of Sin City that were given to Vegas long time ago, the head of the family is persuaded that there is no better place for pastime. So the story repeats itself. But something else has appeared. Firstly, Griswold kids grew up. And it is time for the family to experience the mid-life crisis, when actually it divides and everybody goes his own way. So each member of the family has his own plan on how to relax. Clark Griswold is no longer the only soloist, though the most ridiculous adventures still appear in his head.

The head of the family that in earlier series forever drawn to the left, no longer feel any thirst for women, he travels with his dumb cousin to squander their money at casino. Meanwhile his pretty wife suddenly is attracted by the famous singer and the last also reciprocates her feelings. Griswold daughter is transformed from a pretty schoolgirl in a seductive Wild Child, and the son finally catches luck that is very unusual for this family and becomes suddenly stylish playboy. The end of a story is obviously sweet: the family is one great team, so it doesn`t matter what happens - they are always together. Sure, Vegas Vacation cannot be compared with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, for instance, but it just represents the other period of cinematography, which is also very valuable and has its peculiarities.

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