What Happens in Vegas Film

Get lucky in Sin city

Vegas will never be outmoded. Speaking of What Happens in Vegas film it is one of the last sweetest romantic American comedy movies. Therefore we ascribed it to Casino Love Stories but may be easily related to Vegas films as well. So, it is 2008 20th Century Fox comedy, directed by Tom Vaughan and starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. In spite of the fact critics gave a negative feedback, the film was highly appreciated by viewers. First of all, the cast is very attractive, secondly - Diaz and Kutcher in tandem have played brilliantly! The acting technique of Ashton has grown significantly while Cameron`s acting always stays beyond all doubt - she deals with any role perfectly! Both actors organically fit the general atmosphere of the film.

What Happens in Vegas not always stays there!

The plot is rather simple: a guy and a girl, absolutely contrasting each other have experienced a lot of problems. Thus they decide to change their lives. So what is the best place to forget all the troubles? Right, they are going to Las Vegas - the city where the essence of every person reveals, the city of temptation, greed and big money.

One crazy night of fun and alcohol, has appeared to change many things. To cut a long story short, during their entertaining they`ve get pretty drunk, grow heated with all gambling stuff, telling each other about their lives, they simply get married. Now the plot thickens, next morning they recognize they are a married couple and accidentally win 3 million dollars. The thing is that the court, refusing to divorce them, assigns a probationary period instead - six months of attempting to save their relationship. Or it is better to say build them in this case? It is on this whole movie is built on the basis of a court decision raises a lot of comic situations, so the genre of film is uniquely comedy. This situation cause innumerable funny scenes and dialogues that make laugh everybody, even the most strict comedy judges.

Want to be as crazy and fun-loving and the characters of the film but do not have time to go to Vegas? You can enjoy Vegas casino life without going out of your room.

Box office

What Happens in Vegas grossed $20,172,474 in the opening weekend in Canada and United States. Thus it occupied the second position at the box office behind Iron Man, but outran Speed Racer. It gained the amount of $219,375,797 worldwide, including US and Canada $80,250,204 and $131,350,000 in other parts of the world. The production budget of the film is $35 million that is obvious success.

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