The Cincinatti Kid of Martin Scorsese

Let's go to the year 1965. It is a wonderful year to shoot the movies, which will later win Oscars and other awards. A bunch of folks gathered together to make a fantabulous movie about gambling.

There was one man called Richard Jessup, who wrote the novel. Later Ring Lardner Jr. and Terry Southern wrote a screenplay for the movie. At first there was a director Sam Peckinpah, who was later replaced by Norman Jewison.

In the movie you are going to see the five-card stud poker, which was developed during the American Civil War. Thus, the film can be referred to poker movies and treated as cult casino movies as well.

The plot

"The Kid" Eric Stoner, played by Steve McQueen, is a promising young poker player.

This guy wants to beat a really cool player Lancey Howard, "the Man." But his friend Shooter reminds The Kid, that he was gutted in the game with The Man. Howard shows up in town and puts to shame William Jefferson Slade and wins $6000.

Slade wants revenge and asks Shooter to cheat in the Kid's favor in the game. Shooter refuses but Slade is not going to give in and starts blackmailing him. He wants to reveal some facts about Shooter's wife. Shooter is between two fires, as he is known as an honest man for over 25 years.

So, here is the big day. Shooter deals the cards. There are a bunch of players, who play with them. They gradually fold and leave. Only Kid and Howard stay and the Kid figures out the cheating scheme. He calls for a break and tells Shooter that he knows that he is cheating. Shooter confesses but the Kid says that he can win on his own.

A bit of romance

There is also a love line in the movie. How can we live without love?? Shooter's wife Melba wants to seduce the Kid but he declines her flirt and attempts. He chooses to stay with Christian, a girl, who also wanted to seduce the Kid.

But Melba finally succeeded in her dirty plan. Christian caught them and left him. But it is not the end. Slade still wants revenge and tells the Kid his plan. After many hours of the game the Kid loses but after he left the place he bumps into Christian….and they hug each other.

It is both romantic and kinda action movie. It is made as if they lived in the 1930s, when the Great Depression was raging. The movie is a high quality thing fir those times.

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