The Hangover Movie Review

Since the last time the special effects blockbusters are predominating in modern cinematography, we still have some movies that don`t demand the rapt attention of a viewer and that are aimed to entertain only. Exactly for this we decided to pay a heed to The Hangover movie review. The film was released in 2009 by Todd Phillips, and written by J. Lucas. Legendary Pictures produced the movie on a budget of $35,000,000 after the release it gathered $467.3 million by the international box office. It has been awarded by the Golden Globe for the best motion picture and gained lots of others prizes and nominations.

It`s all about fun

hangoverThe movie can be referred to Vegas movies on our site mostly because of the incredible events, delusion and craziness that may happen with people only in Vegas! The Hangover can easily be called 'the crazy night & road trip' qualitative comedy. Partially the same name can be given to Vegas Vacation film that was released much earlier in 1997. To put it shorter, we have three groomsmen of, actually, the groom - Doug who is, by the way, the most adjusted compared to others. Those three characters are totally unglued: one, Stu, stays under the influence of his bossy girlfriend, Alan, the childlike, the most inadequate and, maybe, the most neighing character of the comedy and Phil, a strong man that can snarl in rage, hiding his worries. So, four friends set out from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to hang out and were close to celebrate Dug`s bachelor party. Well, actually they did. But they didn`t expect all the serious and stupid problems to appear. They, obviously, have spent a fabulous night and in the next morning wake up and see a total trashed room, a tiger in their bath, a breast-fed abandoned baby and a chicken paced the room. And in conclusion of all this madness three of them notice that someone is missing - the groom is vanished. The thing is they can`t recollect any memories about how they have spent the night and, step by step discovering more and more information on it everything seems more and more complicated. The viewers are kept in absolute suspense and they are the participants of unraveled mystery in real time - it is one of the movie`s strengths. The Hangover is supplied by many hilarious moments that will cheer any audience up.

The cast

Frankly speaking, The Hangover doesn't have Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler to collect the crowd, but it has been based on buzz made on the traditional way - by being extremely hilarious. Actually, Zach Galifianakis (excellent nickname for your blackjack online profile), Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper are not widely-known Hollywood actors, but it appeared to be an advantage of the movie: none of them doesn't owershadow it with their personalities and created the dynamic and vivid film.

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