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The world movie industry is working to the bones nowadays. It produces thousands of new films per year, great part of which is worth attention and should be seen by the audience. There is a variety of existing best cult movies, that have been embedded into cinematograph`s history and have inspired a lot of young directors to create another extremely popular flicks.

Indeed, long time ago mankind had problems different from ours and found other solutions accordingly. However, people were the same, they felt the same way as we do and all positive and negative emotions and thoughts were their nature that remains to be still immutable.

Casino Theme

The history of producing films on casino subject matter goes back to 1930 when "Gambling Lady" was released. Gambling theme was always attractive for movie producers and directors. The atmosphere of casino, bright colors, exhilaration of its residents - all these aspects without any doubt make any movie more lively and magnetic.

Cult Casino Movies

Taking into consideration all possibilities, offered by casino theme to moviemakers, it is not a surprise, that 20th century gave us a great quantity of casino films. Some of them have gained huge popularity among audience and have won the respect of all within movie industry. And, as a result, such films were marked with different world awards and prizes.

The Gambler - a dramatic story of Fyodor Dostoevsky played an important role in a film, made by Karel Reisz in 1974. The cast consisting of Paul Sorvino, Lauren Hutton and James Caan perfectly dealt with their roles.

One of the cult movies, mentioned above, is GoodFellas, made by legendary Martin Luciano Scorsese with brilliant cast of Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco and other celebrities.

The GoodFellas was released in 1990 and after five years this amazing film director has presented one more cult casino movie with unpretentious title - Casino. Some of the actors who have starred at GoodFellas have also acted in Online Casino Slots. The cast was renewed by James Woods, Don Rickles and fabulous Sharon Stone.

Speaking of casino films, 90's were a pretty fruitful period - in 1993 The Music of Chance was made with Philip Haas as a director. This American drama based on Paul Auster story written in 1990 got the award at Cannes Festival.

007 Casino Movies

There can be no doubt that James Bond series should be referred to the movies of century. Since the Bondiana contains also two films, closely connected with casino, they both deserve to be named as cult casino movies. First of them - Diamonds are forever released in 1971, the sixth film of inimitable Sean Connery as James Bond. Guy Hamilton was a director of this movie and three others about the secret agent as well.

The second 007 casino movie is Casino Royale that was filmed twice. First in 1967 starring Peter Sellers and David Niven. And the other try on the Fleming's novel was made by Martin Campbell in 2006, here Daniel Craig act as James Bond.

All these films must be seen not only if you are a gambler, but just to enjoy masterpieces of wonderful experienced moviemakers and actors.

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The glitz and glamour of casinos has long been a movie maker’s favourite backdrop for providing an exciting and colourful backdrop to a diverse range of movie genres. Las Vegas offers a fantastic scene-setting strip that brings movie goers the thrilling atmosphere of the casino right to the big screen. The palpable excitement of winning big and the excitement and anticipation in the air makes casinos the perfect locations for thrillers, dramas, love stories, action movies and more. Ian Flemings’ James Bond contributed to making casinos in movies a popular theme and Diamonds Are Forever and Casino Royale remain some of the most popular movies in this genre.

Casinos depicted in movies have also spawned cult classics with thousands of fans visiting the depicted cinematographic landmarks as homage to their favourite film. These cult classics stir up emotions in viewers and leave a lasting impact usually due to their realism or intense plot and memorable storyline, and are usually considered the best works of the genre. The casinos depicted in movies are then immortalised in celluloid and become lasting favourites for years to come. Examples of some of these well watched and loved movies are Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Casino and the progressive works of Guy Ritchie such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Movie themed casino games have also been created to honour the characters and storylines of the cinematographic masterpieces, and this trend has become especially prevalent in online casino games. There is a huge variety of online slots that feature movie themes such as Tomb Raider, Iron man, Lord of the Rings, new releases from the Batman franchise and many more. These amazing games bring the excitement of the movie to the casino and immerse players in an interactive gaming experience that thrills and entertains with every turn.

Interesting Items

Guy Ritchie filmsguy_ritchieGuy Ritchie is one of the most famous progressive moviemakers of today. The casino theme is his strong point!
Bondianabondiana 007 agent is an absolute hero of the past, present and feature. Each episode is just like a pleasant blackjack online bonus!
Master Scorsesemaster_scorsese This talented person is worthy of respect as every Scorsese's motion picture becomes an impressive masterpiece.

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